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Loading Solution

Offer a variable design suited for the use of loading ramps with a telescopic or hinged lip. In confined spaces, the design of the loading bay can be sequential or angled, providing additional storage space inside the building.

Hydraulic Loading Ramps

Pinpoint loading accuracy thanks to the infinitely adjustable telescopic lip on a NovoDock L 500i. The loading ramps are easy and safe to operate with the integrated i-Vision TA controller.

Mechanical Loading Ramps

The operating lever makes NovoDock L 150 and L 100 light and easy to manage. Both loading ramps are mounted on a fixed ramp.

Door Seals

Door seals with flexible front ends provide protection against draughts, rain and wind. They form a perfect seal between truck and building, preventing energy loss and possible damage to the consignments.

Buffer System

Approach buffers made of new rubber with high grade new rubber composite. Outstanding abrasion resistance, Up to 20 mm spring deflection

Controller & Accessories

i-Vision controllers incorporate the very latest environmentally-compatible technology. Ergonomically designed and equipped with an innovative energy-saving function, they offer an exceptionally broad range of functions.