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Every shutter is custom made to order to suit commercial, industrial, logistic, transportation building and other application. The choice of material, finish and operation is discussed with each customer to find perfect match to needs. Give the maximum opening space with additional value of security, aesthetic look and stylish design

A see-through shutter made of pipes to keep window display visible even when the store is closed. Ideal for shop and shop windows, pipe shutter offers excellent visual as well as security and protection. 

Smart Choice of Shutter solution designed as a basic lightweight usage for anything from store fronts to residences. Interlocking slat method provide durability in each line . Also equipped with a unique lock set key to give additional security.
Perfect choices for a wider than lightweight shutter model, equipped with motorize system operation for easily open and close of shutter. Suitable application for shopping center, small warehouse, office etc.

Strong and versatile shutter for large opening area, can cover up to 10mtr width without pillars. Made of high quality steel and paint material, giving the perfect finish. The best solution for very wide opening

Specified for location where fire compartment is needed. Minimize property damage with high performance of fire proof. Passed 2-Hours Firerated. Suited for all establishment in high risk area.

A Safety-oriented shutter designed to prevent accidental explosion due to ignition by electrical component in the closing device or control panel

See-through shutter made of polycarbonate resin with extruded aluminium hinges. 100% rust proof and almost have clear transparent appearance when completely closed, showing every corner of the shop.
The high-speed opening and closing sheet shutter with an abundant function to keep improve work efficiency. The ‘auto-close’ function allows you to achieve considerable energy savings.
Slides panel into the ceiling along the tracks. Available in various selection of sectional steel door where durability, reliability and aesthetic are top priorities. Windows and insulated sections are available.