The high-speed opening and closing sheet shutter with an abundant function to keep improve work efficiency. The ‘auto-close’ function allows you to achieve considerable energy savings. Generally used for warehouse, factories and supermarket back door entrance for compliance with HACCP and GMP

Key Feature

  • The high-speed opening and closing sheet shutter from 0.5mtr/sec up to 2.5mtr/ sec.
  • Prevent heat loss and dust penetration
  • Provides interlocking operation
  • Available in several models for interior or exterior with various opening
  • Zoning each space to maintain air conditioning and cleanliness
  • Provides breakaway and automatic reset and airtight
  • Curtain option for Insect Repellent feature is available
  • Excellent for thermal efficiency and cleanliness


ProductQuick Saver
Max Width10mtr for interior (depend on type)
Max Height5.5mtr for interior (depend on type)
UsageInterior and Exterior
TypeSeveral Type are available
Curtain typeClear Sheet, Insect Proof Clear Sheet Orange, Insect Proof Clear Red Sheet
Curtain Material High Polyester base cloth & High UV Resistance


  • Supermarket
  • Warehouse
  • Factory